Friday, 27 August 2010

What is Telluric Energy?...

There are thousands of references to Telluric Energy on the internet and in books, and yet it is not in all dictionaries and by many it is still considered as fiction.

Whats is Telluric Energy fact or fiction?

A telluric current (Wiki) - (from Latin tellūs, "earth") is an electric current which moves underground or through the sea. Telluric currents result from both natural causes and human activity, and the discrete currents interact in a complex pattern. The currents are extremely low frequency and travel over large areas at or near the surface of Earth.

Telluric (Wiki) - (from the Latin tellus, "earth") may refer to several things related to the Earth:
  • Telluric planet, an Earth-like planet primarily composed of silicate rocks
  • Telluric current, a natural electrical current in the Earth's crust
  • Telluric contamination, contamination of astronomical spectra by the Earth's atmosphere (also can be referred as Telluric lines or Telluric bands)
  • Telluric compound, a compound which contains tellurium in the +6 oxidation state
    All of the above are very interesting and worth exploring, (especially that fact it is present in rocks and stones as an atom / element) however when looking at...
    Earth's energies - where does Telluric Energy fit in? Electrical?

    Telluric energy is a natural electrical current in the Earth's crust.

    Is this a fact? If so it leaves many questions unanswered...

    Where is all of that electricity now?
    Is Telluric energy flowing through ley lines and the Earth's Grid?
    Where does it come from (cosmic?) and where does it all go?
    Is Telluric energy different to Spiritual/Cosmic Energy?
    or is it on the same wave length? 
    Is there a (spiritual?) connection between Earth and the planet Telluric?
    Is there a connection between Telluric compound and Telluric energy flow?
    Are places such as Stonehenge channelling the flow of this electricity? 
    How does it effect us and the World we live in?
    How does the world we live in (what we do) effect Telluric energy?
    What research has been done?
    How has it been used so far throughout history?
    Do the Sun and the Moon play a role in the formation
    or movement of Telluric energy?
    Is Telluric energy referred to as Gaia?
    Is Telluric energy referred to as Feng shui?
    Why are human beings not making use of the electricity
    that is described as Telluric energy?
    Why is it not entered in most dictionaries?
    Why wasn't I taught about Earth's energies as school?
    Why have we been lied to?

    Apparently many have experimented with Telluric energy including the more heard of - Telsa. Who was quoted as saying people could stick a pole in their back yard and obtain electricity. Telegraph poles are known to have originally run off Telluric energy. It is even possible that we are currently using that electricity and being charged the Earth for it.

    This energy can travel wireless-ley.
    We are aware of the ways that energy reacts with quarts (found in stones/rocks) but how does it react with the compound tellurium?

    Is there tellurium in the pylons and cables?
    How do pylons effect this energy?

    Some estimate that at least 30% of our electricity is Telluric energy.
    Personally I think it is more than 30% - why?
    because the estimates have been based on energy levels present in the Earth at the time of the experiments (140v) and it does not allow for fluctuations of energy. Plus the fact that some energy (electricity -  maybe lots) may have been lost / diverted through ley lines or nearby water.

    Some say that Telluric energy doubles in strength at sunrise and at sunset - now wouldn't that be handy. Personally I think its likely to double in strength when the tide changes. Then there are the effects that the weather conditions would have. Or occurrences such as a tsunami as the current travels through the sea. It may even have an effect when human beings congregate and give off high levels of energy, after all it is all to do with frequencies.

    My conclusions on Fact or Fiction?
    So as far as fact or fiction is stands to reason that Telluric energy is not fiction but fact. One that for some reason we are not supposed to know about.

    Here is one example of how it can be used...

    It is very likely the Telluric current is being used to provide the electricity that we use today. Is the Telluric current being channelled through and via pylons? and possibly (originally) via the quarts found in stone buildings (churches) and ancient monuments that sit on ley lines? Man made metal is more likely to be used in modern times than stones although the end result may be the same.

    It is my opinion that Jesus, Mosses and possibly a person named Aaron were all fully aware of this energy and knew exactly how to use it.  It might just explain many of the biblical stories. From the parting of the Sea (levitation) to feeding the 5000 with just one fish (divining). This energy could explain many of the miracles that were witnessed and recorded. The Rod of Aaron just may have been a dowsing rod. No offence intended. 

    It is also my opinion that if we 'the human race' are to move forward, we need to understand this energy.

    It is potentially the source of a lot magic and it is potentially a way for us to live in harmony with the Earth. 


    Film - Foucault Pendulum.